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Re: Is it just me?

At 10:42 AM 3/4/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Is there a Java Script that can see if the browser that is acessing a page
>has the ShockWave plug-in?  or, and I'm going on third-hand information
>here, a script that asks the user if they have the plug-in installed and
>sends them to a different set of pages contigent on their reply?

Currently, there is a kludge that *can* detect for plug-ins, although I
don't think anyone is using it (or should).  It is located on the JavaScript
FAQ at http://www.his.com/~smithers/freq/beta/index.html

The problem with it is that it opens a 'testing' window that will prompt the
user on *how* to handle the plug-in mime-type if they don't have it.

>Can anyone recommend a good book or web-site to explain the elemntary
>aspects of Java Script to someone who is new not only to Java Scripting but
>programming as well?

You're gonna have to wait a little while longer, there's a bunch of books in
development but I don't think any have been released as of yet.


Andy Augustine

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