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Re: Is it just me?

paz wrote:
> >Come on folks, please quit cross-posting your JAVA questions here!
> I have a java SCRIPT questions... but no one has taken the time to answer
> them.  For those of you who may have missed them the first time, here is my
> post again:
> ---------------------------
> Subject: Shockwave script? and dorky question
> Sender: owner-javascript@obscure.org
> Precedence: bulk
> Reply-To: javascript@obscure.org
> Is there a Java Script that can see if the browser that is acessing a page
> has the ShockWave plug-in?  or, and I'm going on third-hand information
> here, a script that asks the user if they have the plug-in installed and
> sends them to a different set of pages contigent on their reply?
> Where can I find it?
> Thanks,
> --paz
> -------------------
> In the time since I posted the above, that no one answered, I have come up
> with another question.
> Can anyone recommend a good book or web-site to explain the elemntary
> aspects of Java Script to someone who is new not only to Java Scripting but
> programming as well?

Asking the user if a plug-in is installed is no problem. Just use a 
form or pop up a confirmation dialog box. If you use a form you have 
two option:
1. have the server's cgi script decide wich page to send back.
2. have the submit button call a JS function that reload the page 
with the desired page.

If you use a confirm dialog box, then check the response and load 
the desired page.

I am writing some scripts that will do this. I should have them in 
the next day or two. I am also going to try to store the info in a 
cookie. Obviously this isn't terribly useful for plug-ins, but for 
storing information such as screen resolution and such it will be 
better than making the user fill out a questionaire every time 
he/she enters.

As per automatically detecting whether or not a plug in is installed 
- I don't know if this is possible. I seem to remember some talk of 
this on this mailing list a week or two ago but I didn't pay close 
attention. At some point I am going to check the archives.
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