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Re: JavaScript is Screwy

At 10:20 AM 3/3/96 -0800, you wrote:
>It now looks I have a new problem - sometimes JS functions simply 
>do not execute. I have definitly observed this one 3 occations. In 
>all cases my cache sizes were 0 and 0. I don't know if the cache 
>size has anything to do with it, but as soon as I reset my caches 
>to 5000,5000 the function worked exactly as expected - without 
>closing Nav. or anything.

I could be totally off base here, but its possible that JavaScript may
internally need the cache to be set higher than 0 to function properly.

>I'm not talking about big scripts here - 10 lines, and only two or 
>3 of these functions loaded at the same time.
>I don't get it. I would be happy to send my code but I am 
>convinced the code has nothing to do with it.
>If anybode has ANY ideas, please, please let me know.
>I swear I am not insane, these things really are happening. My 
>last major project was as head of QA and Beta for a 600,000 line 
>project. I have double checked my system, reinstalled Nav. 5 
>times, etc....

Rather than looking at the code that breaks when the cache is 0, if you post
the code the breaks when the cache is set at 5000 we could try and help you
with a workaround (so you could leave your cache on).  I've seen several
posts now about the *caching* problem so I don't doubt that its happening to
people, just haven't seen any example code for the rest of us to reproduce
the *bug* with.  If your code is sensative and you don't want to post it, an
in-depth explination of what is *exactly* happening might help some of us
understand better.

Hope I can help,
Andy Augustine

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