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re: JavaScript is Screwy

At , you wrote:
>You're not the only one experiencing problems with caching matters. If I run 
>something simple, like the banner script or the scroll script, all of my 
>memory cache will eventually be used up and my workstation will go nuts on 
>the hard drive, forcing me to ALT-CTL-DEL. I have since removed scripts from 
>most of my pages. I have a habit of putting Netscape in the background while 
>I work on other things. Surely to God this can't mean that if I'm running a 
>page with looped output (a scroll), that I have to remember to exit that page 

I took a look at your scroller and it looks pretty fishy to me... Probably some
enormous memory leakage, 'cause your declaring variables every time the timer 
updateds.  I wrote my own one using a different & faster technique, it
didn't crash 
so far :) You can use it if you like. It's been done one time too many.

        Thomas (Thom@bART.nl)

Every now and then say "What the fuck".
"What the fuck" gives you freedom.
Freedom brings opportunity.
Opportunity makes your future.
    - Risky Business

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