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Bad URLs

Hi all.

I have a question about identifying a URL which doesn't exist. I 
want to be able to tell someone when they select a link if it 
works or not. I want to do this using JavaScript.

Obviously a document is returned when a link is broken. The 
document's contents will differ depending on the way each server 
is setup... Is it possible to use JavaScript to read a 
document's "status" - whether it is returning an error message 
or not?

I know that there are several properties of a document that 
JavaScript can access, I don't know if Netscape's documentation 
has the full list of properties. I have thought that I could 
check the document size, the number of links, etc. but that's 
not exactly a foolproof method.

If there is no way of determining the status of a document, are 
there any plans to make such information available to JavaScript 
in the future? Are there any other "undocumented" properties not 
mentioned in the Netscape JavaScript manual?

Thanks in advance,

Clayton Drury
New Logic
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