They may be strange (some oddly so), they may be smart, they may look delicious in fishnets, but surely they spew verbiage uncontrollably. Following the blah mailing list is a second career for most of these crazed email-obsessed computer-goth-weenies.

If you want to know how to get on blah...... tough. There is nothing you can do because Richard runs the list, and they are never home and you can't reach them, blah blah blah, so there is nothing you can do. Deal with it.

Fun Things

The Cast of Characters
Who are these crazy kids and why won't anyone let them in their house anymore? Read on and find out.
The Blah Photo Gallery
Well, it took us long enough, and we still haven't gotten everything yet.
The Blah Archives
This is where the blah threads go to die. Morbid yet true. Don't ask us about the Elephant Burial Ground. It's a secret.
The Blah Obituary Column
Here lie the beloved Blah Members who have departed this fair world. Ressurection for some is underway, but in the meantime... Under Construction!!
The Blah Links
When we're not busy digging out from avalanches of e-mail, we frequent these URLs. Sometimes we go there even if we are busy. We're flighty that way.

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