Silence marks your passage
As my soul you ravage
Each day, you steal my heart
Pushing us farther apart.

*ahem* *cough* *gag*

Sorry 'bout that folks!

ANYWAY, here lie our friends who lost their way. We commemorate them with "candle lights, red roses, wedding bells, moonlight serenades, warm summer nights, tables for two"* and sickly sweet, soft poetry.

Real Name: Bruce Sherrod
Nicknames: They Call Me Bruce
Passtimes: Ignoring blah, being a nice guy 

Bruce Sherrod, that lad was no fool
Decided to go back to school
For another degree,
UC, you see, was not free
So he packed up and left, that tool!


Home page: 
Real Name: Annie Nguyen
Nicknames: Soma, Strawberry Girl, fAnnie, Nothing, Anita, Dog Collar Woman
Passtimes: Dancing, Drinking, getting lost, procrastinating, more Dancing
           and a bit of drinking, Punching morons who won't leave her 
           alone, smiling, being Neurotic, Fun Toys and stuff, yearning 
           after lusty sexy pierced people that know how to....
Other Accounts:


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Real Name: Catherine Mae Cronin
Nicknames: etaK, starchy, pure_evil, Katya, Kaitlin, 
           GrAvE, etakerina gnarlova
Passtimes: constant intake of caffeine; cheap beer, 
           (not necessarily in that order), 
           using psychic paranoiac abilities to 
           detect bombs in McDonalds.

Gentle Moose

Real Name: Mike Wallace (yes, _the_ Mike Wallace..)
Nicknames: Moose, Gentle Moose, Pinkie, BIG PINK 
           Easter Egg, Energizer Bunny, Monkey-Ass 
Passtimes: putting *more* holes in his body than 
            God ever intended, being forgetful,
            being a cranky and bitchy old fogie.
Other Accounts:


Real Name: Jason
Nicknames: Godhead Jason
Passtimes: Haircut lunacy

There once was a Jason from Godhead
Who, on our stomping ground did tread
He then disappeared
Which we thought was weird
Until we found out he'd shaved his head.


Home Page: 
Real Name: Kristiina Wilson
Nicknames: iii, Kristiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina, Cutey,  
           Forkgrrl, Dork Cooter, Wombat Slut
Passtimes: photography, art, forking people 
           in alleys, plotting Luis's Death for 
           tormenting her, seeing how many times 
           she can use dork and jerk as an insult 
           in one minute
Other Accounts:

Kristiina had a fetish for forks
And she thought we all were big dorks.
This talented cutie
Knows photography's her duty
and she doesn't eat meats, ..or porks.

Real Name: Lindsay
Nicknames: Lindsay A.M., Blah Madame, Lindsey
Passtimes: being followed by frat guys, eating 
           speed bagels

There once was a girl name Lindsey
Who was all around quite ditzy
Now please don't be lame
and go say her name
or all of Blah will get pissy

Real Name: Mario A. Salguero
Nicknames: Dagger, Dark One, El Diablo, Chupacabra 
           Man, Dark Soul, das Mario
Passtimes: flaming newbies, DJing,  electronic 
           music, seducing non-scene girls, 
           avoiding psychos, enjoying good beer,
           being oh so dark ;), world conquest
Other accounts:


Home page: 
Real Name: Megan O'Neil
Nicknames: Mina De Gregario, Domino, blink, 
           Dominion, Leopard Queen, Perky Coffee 
           Bitch, Mommy, Megs.
Passtimes: Smiling and giggling to GOD DAMN MUCH,
           wearing glittery eye makeup, being 
           snobby about grammar, filing police 
           reports, ballroom dancing, mushing 
           and impersonating anime characters.


Home :Page:
Real Name: Owen Davis
Nicknames: The Quiet One, You Fucking Bastard
Passtimes: Avoiding work.  Playing too many 
           computer games. Hopelessly pining 
           for those forever out of reach.


Real Name: Shireen Hussein
Nicknames: muffin, raver-girl
Passtimes: Saying really strange, but funny 
           things when she's perky

Real Name: Josh Knapton
Nicknames: Syd, Syddles, Burnout
Passtimes: Stomp, Stomp, Stomp. Eating No-Doz 
           for breakfast. Writing short stories. 
           Being totally incapable of being 
           woken up in mornings. Alien Sex Fiend.
Other Accounts:

"With nothing better to do," said Syd
"I guess I may do what I'm bid"
"I would love some fame.."
"Become a household name."
"Get outta here," they Joshed, so he did.

Real Name: Thomas Stephen Moore, III
Nicknames: Fetal Tissue, Owl Boy, Boo-Boo (as in, 
           "hey..."), Gimp
Passtimes: Stealing owls from GW campus, eating 
           fetal tissue, leaving his stuff out to 
           be urinated on by frat boys, obsessing
           over the Kennedy clan, complete with 
           Eunice, Sargent, John, Jackie, Ted, 
           Caroline, John Jr., Bobby, Ah-nold, 
           Maria, Joe, Patrick, and Brumus the 
           dog; falling on the metro tracks.


Home Page: 
Real Name: Carl Graci
Nicknames: no, you CAN'T call him CJ, Robert Smith, 
           Bitch, Street Walker
Passtimes: magic shell, tabletop dancing wearing 
           only a pink bra, getting 4 a.m. phone 
           calls from Luis checking on Tommy, 
           keeping his roomates from sleeping with 
           the neighbors or 40-year old men.


Home :Page:
Real Name: Voron Erich Langsdorf
Nicknames: V.O.R.O.N.: the Virtual Organic Reply 
           Originating Network
Passtimes: earning his reputation ;), showing 
           up late, being guestlisted for 
           everything cool 

Young Voron, his critics did say
With young girls, he did have a way
And it was also said
He took many to bed
But got married when he moved away

* "Rough Sex," Lords of Acid, Lust.