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Real Name: Brian
Nicknames: DJ HOV, Homey, B, G, Ass Baby
Passtimes: the pink and purple plaid mech, spinnin' them funky tunes, yo

Real Name: Chris
Nicknames: FashionSnob, VampSnob, DJ Strange
Pastimes: Bitching, Dancing, Shopping in New York, Collecting anything 
           that takes my fancy; insulting normals that ask, 
           "Where can I find girls?", Working on my new DJ 
           Project Sundays at the Blue Room.

Blue Vampire

Homepage: http://www.obscure.org/~bluvampr 
Real Name: Kirstin Nickerson
Nicknames: blue vampire, kiki, special k, red, blue, bv, daddy
Passtimes: working too much, guest djing, throwing parties at CK1,
           worshipping at the altar of the 
           Great Jessiwa.
Real Name: Brendan Gray
Passtimes: Theatre+Entertainment Lighting Design, Caffiene, Little black
           boxes with buttons and lights

Home Page: http://www.obscure.org/~nimue  
Real Name: Erin Nelson
Nicknames: Shorty, Cutey, Smurfy, Gothette
Passtimes: beating anyone for calling her cute 
           (this means you!), ranting, killing
           random cast members, baking spit cookies.
Other accounts: ecnelson@ucsd.edu


Homepage: http://www.obscure.org~pain 
Bitch of the Year
Real Name: Marcy Lewis
Nicknames: OLoP, Vies for title of Blah Bitch
Passtimes: turning in ex-SOs to the cops, corporate sell out working for
           a bank playing with data about data
Other Accounts: pain@obscure.org
Real Name: Jeff
Nicknames: Fez, spanky
Passtimes: actually attepting to play mini golf while the world 
           goes to pieces around him, Ass fucking the monkey, 
           aspiring house-husband of the blah harem.
Real Name: John Nowicki
Nicknames: Our Sweet innocent Axe Murderer, our token "Frat Boy"
Passtimes: Murder, Sabotage, crochete for beginners.

Home Page: http://www.users.interport.net/~judd
Real Name: Judd
Nicknames: Judd
Passtimes: Judd.  No, wait ... that can't be right ...
Other Accounts:Swiss Bank Account #5176588966, code 
           phrase "The Loudest Mime"
Kofihouse Ed
Nicknames: ED!, Hippyboy
Passtimes: drinking port, getting his ass kicked at mechs, Sar-rahing,
K. Laake
Real Name: Karen
Nicknames: Kabuki's Slave, Ligeia, Grammy Goth, Karak
Passtimes: wrought iron, graveyards, tickling
Other Accounts: ligeia@obscure.org
Real Name: Kirsten K Fitzgerald
Nicknames: The Dominatrix Extraordinaire, DomExt for short... 
Passtimes: surviving modern radio, showing up to clubs 2 - 3 times a year
           and being catty, going to the gym, then to coffee.


Home page: http://obscure.org/~lalartu
Real Name: Shawn Ferry
Nicknames: Shawn, hey you
Passtimes: Geeking, futzing around with my computer,
           Eating Fire(a.k.a trimming your goatee in 1 second flat),
           Having Adventures(a.k.a getting lost), Sleeping, Reading,
           Drinking, Rock Climbing, being angsty.
Other Accounts: ferrys@ncr.disa.mil

Home Page: http://www.obscure.org/~nosx 
Real Name: Luis Garcia
Nicknames: Nosferatu X, Gay Boy, Baby Goth, Fruitcake, Deadthing #2, GOOBER,
           FrEaKboi, LilFreaky
Passtimes: Being Homeless, Scaring away the "NORMALS" at Club Heaven, 
           being a spaz, informing us that rain is wetter in some places 
           than in others; fending off yucky old trolls at SoHo's, keeping
           the PIGFUCKERS in line
Other Accounts: freakboi@retina.net

Home Page: http://www.shallow.com
Real Name: Vince Farquharson
Nicknames: Nation, GroovaliciousDigiCeasar, God of Pork, Bianca
Passtimes: Stoli, Angst, afterbirth, butterdiving, listening to  
           Muffin's voice, being a misanthrope. 

Home Page: http://www.obscure.org/~perky 
Real Name: Jennifer Knipper (don't even say nipples)
Nicknames: Oddlystrange, Perky, LART-girl
Passtimes: Dave, spreading Mac Propogranda to all edges of the 
           world, television, being a boring homebody... 
           which gives me the illusion that I'm hard to
           get hold of. :) 

Home Page: http://www.obscure.org/~rbulling 
Real Name: Richard Lunson Bullington III
Nicknames: God of obscure.org
Passtimes: herding linux boxen, eating yummy vegan food, 
           sticking my tongue out.
Real Name: Rob Pryor
Nicknames: Twitch, rev booga, Rev. Rob
Passtimes: playing guitar and keyboards, being a big ol' computer geek

Home page: http://www.obscure.org/~sketchy 
Real Name: David A. Brown
Nicknames: evilboy, sketchy
Passtimes: rollerblading, art, dancing, handsprings, staying up really late 
           fixing web stuff -- hey -- its 3.2 approved now....
Other Accounts: afo4dab@atlas.vcu.edu
Real Name: Suzi Wilson
Passtimes: being dragged away soon after everyone arrives, turning into a
           pumpkin at 12:00 am, being asked "Where's Taz?", droning on and on about
           long-dead Frenchmen.
Other Accounts: swilson@obscure.org
Home Page:  http://www.cris.com/~Madcap 
Real Name: Tazewell Harrison Hines
Nicknames: Taz, Absent
Passtimes: Playing with his obscenely fast computer with obscenely huge
           hard drive, drinking lots of coffee, waking up Suzi at 6 am wanting to
           go jogging, whining and trying to slit his wrists when Suzi starts to
           talk about long-dead Frenchmen.

Home Page: http://www.obscure.org/~vlad 
Real Name: Ken Nagle
Nicknames: Vlad, CutiWuti, ohsocute, Snugglywumpkins (it's true!), 
           Grampy Goth
Passtimes: chasing ice cream trucks, perky overload, philosophising about 
           spam, getting disturbing e-mail, making killer margaritas
Real Name: Louise Valgerdur Nickerson
Nicknames: Louise, Nick, Icicle, Ladybug, Upholstery Woman, Legion, 
           Sup of the Gloop, Nickerina, etc... 
Passtimes: Making cute little noises when she gets pierced.  Poking

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