Blah Links

  • The Obscure Organization This is an extremely important site, because it not only gives many of the blahers accounts (for *free* mind you), but it is also the new site for blah. The Obscure Organization is lorded over by Richard, the god of Thank you for everything you do.
  • The Net.Goth Gallery a site that has fallen by the years. It was a related site that was somewhat the inspiration of our home page.
  • The Dark Side of the Net is another site that has passed into history. This was a wonderful site that lead you on into the darker environs of the Internet. The dark was too much for it, I guess.
  • Aircrash Monthly One of Sexbat's old e-zines that has moved or no longer exists. We will miss his sense of humor.
  • DC Freak Net Founded by A Tony Tribby, and now neglected, this is a good reference if you are trying to find someone in DC. Tony and Steve, thanks for setting this up for us!
  • The Nick's subINDUSTRY page is another one to fall to dust. This was one of the hangouts for blah. Free parking, no panhandlers, cheap booze, giant video screens, and pool tables! Oh my!
  • Resources for Victorian Living A good source for all things victorian. Some great shoppes and other interesting information on the 19th century.
  • The National Pork Producer's Council Don't ask. It's better that way.

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