Vlad's Lyric Page

Here is some of the musical groups that I like and that I have the lyrics for saved as an etext somewhere. This is definitely not an exhausted list of the music I like, but it might give you a general idea of some of the things I listen to. You can look at what I have for each band by clicking on the groups name. (See! It's not so difficult)

Note- These are lyrics I got from an FTP site. Any stupid mistakes are not mine, but I'll correct them if you tell me where they are. Thanks!

If you have access to any e-texts that you do not find on this page, please e-mail me at: vlad@obscure.org. Thanks!

Plus, I have the following weird things, which are either strange lists, or things that can't be considered 'groups' like the above is:

Major Tom to Ground Control: "I'm Coming home.