Vlad's Little Hole In the Wall

Well, I've finally gotten around to changing that old message that told everyone "I just started working on this homepage", That message is nearly a year old (my, how time doth travel) and I guess I was just a bit too lazy to change it. Oh well......

Anyways, this page is in the process of being updated, with me (maybe) finally finishing those pesky band links, updating the links page in order to change those moved pages and to remove those pages which have just ceased to exist......

I do promise to have some pictures here soon. If I get lazy and don't get some here, The Blah Homepage (see links page) should have mugshots of the cast of blah on there at least sometime before the Millenium, and so there will be some pictures there.....

Hell, maybe I'll even see if I can hunt down the very old DC.Net.Goth photos and get them scanned on here. It only requires a little bit of work, right?

Did I say work?


Those silly barnyard animals last wandered here Febuary 15, 1995.

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But if you just want to talk, mail me at: vlad@obscure.org

Still daudling life away!

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