My Exciting Life

Well, I guess it is time for the typical "I'm so cool" little rant on the homepage. Hopefully this won't bore you too much, though if it does I guess you know how to leave this section.

Pics will be here eventually. Give me time already!

  1. Real Name: Kenneth Michael Nagle Jr. (but please don't call me that, or I'll think I'm in trouble)
  2. Names Everyone Knows Me By: Ken, Vlad, (and certain bastardizations of each of these two), and the ever popular "Hey you!".
  3. Pen Name: Daryl Ryder
  4. Occupation: Lotus Notes Developer/Knowledge Management Consultant
  5. Major: Political Science
  6. Minor: No. I'm legal now (heh.)
  7. Meyers-Briggs Test Results: ENFJ
  8. Interests: Lots of things, I shall keep from boring you here.
  9. Ambition: Get my butt off the floor and finish working on this homepage.
  10. Serious Ambition: Serious?
  11. Love of My Life: Karen
  12. #of Animals That Claim Me: 1 Kitty Kabuki (Karen's Kitty)

  13. Family:

    Hell, I don't know what else to write, so send me some mail and we'll talk!

    Or not, as the case may be.

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