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Well, here are some links to other places to help you on your merry way. I hope to include more interesting links later, but right now you'll have to make do with what we got!

The links are grouped into a couple of catagories:

  1. People I Know- These are people I know in one capacity or another who may or may not have agreed to allow me to link to their site. But most people don't complain much about it. After all, makes them feel more popular!
  2. Organizations- These are either Web publications, weird groups I associate with, or maybe even something useful to help you out.
  3. Reference Sites- These are sites that don't really fit in to your more classical definitions above, but they are tres useful! That is divided up, in turn, into three catagories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I recommend going to the good and skipping the rest.

Note: Music links will be found at their respective lyrics pages (accessible from the main lyrics page). At least they will be, once I get them all up and running.

Links To People I Claim To Know (sorta)


Reference Sites

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