The Cure

Though the bad members have come and gone over the years, there has been one constant to The Cure, the person of Robert Smith. Having formed in 1976 as the Easy Cure, much of the history of The Cure, as well as the changes in the line-up, could easily fill a large book (or small website). So, in the interests of space, we shall keep this to lyrics and leave the history to "others".

Links to Related Sites

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  • The Cure Bootleg Trading Post This page offers good stuff, as well as the opportunity to trade some boots.
  • Cure Yahoo Page If you've never seen a Yahoo page, they give lots of good info.
  • Stiff as Toys and Tall as Men This page offers some up to date info, at least, that's what it did when I was there. Info may all be old now. Oh well! There's also some other good files there too!
  • Cure Homepage Well, I haven't accessed this yet, so go take a peak for me and tell me what you think.

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