This is a multipurpose tool that does all sorts of nifty stuff. The scraper's main use is for glue removal and fine shaving on a piece of wood. For glue removal you need to pull the scraper with the grain. When pulling you need to slightly warp the metal so it bows towards you when pulling. It will heat up quickly due to the friction. The edge of the scraper can be sharpened with various tools and can be used as a finishing tool. With a fine setting on the sharpener this tool can remove minor scrapes created from a hand plane.

With a proper sharpener - pictured to the right - this tool can be used to scrape paint or prime a wooden cutting board or butcher block. By scraping at set intervals you can pull up any gunk that has been embedded in the cutting board. It might be a bit gross, but will improve the look on the board and keep the surface looking new.