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Bench and Jointing planes

Planes are used to level wood. I mainly use two types of planes - bench and box. Bench planes com in many sizes and have many purposes. I have one I use to joint with. Jointing is the process of leveling a piece of wood with a large plane. The large plane shoe, metal footing, rides on the high surfaces and the cutting blade only takes off from the top of the wood.

Using a jointing plane

For large surfaces I recommend planing at a 45 degree angle with the grain, once it is flat at that angle rotate to the other 45 degree angle and flatten. Once both angles are flat run the plane with the grain to ensure it is flat.

Edge Jointing - to attach two pieces of wood you need both surfaces to be flush with each other. The long shoe of the plane will create a flat surface. By planing both edges of wood with the grain will create flat surfaces, ensuring a flush fit.


keeping the cutting blade sharp is very important. With use the blade will get marred and imperfect. When you see the blade get damaged you need to take the plane apart and sharpen/grind the blade back to shape. When the blade is not honed it will chew into the wood and damage the surface. This takes a long time to correct.