The Charles Bukowski Memorial Center for Classical Latin Studies

Obscenity in Classical Latin


Salvete, Irrumatores!

The ancient Romans had lusty appetites; just like modern people, they seemed to have one thing on their minds.

The Charles Bukowski Memorial Center for Classical Latin Studies seeks to drag obscenity out of those dusty tomes and stick it right where it belongs.

Bukowski wrote the same sort of poetry that Catullus did, the kind that hits you hard in the gut. The two poets even shared common themes.

Obscurae Scriptae

Some obscene Latin texts are well known, such as the naughty poems of Catullus. The Obscure Organization is proud to offer a new hypertext edition of Catullus with a full concordance.

Other texts are even more obscure.

Verba Cloacae

Tired Latin texts written by prim religious scholars do not give the discerning cinaedus enough vocabulary to read the racier texts properly. The Prurient Latin Vocabulary List seeks to remedy this omission.

Altera Scriptae

Tabulae Nexarum

While these pages are no longer active Web, they served as inspiration and guidance for the creation of this resource. All links are to Internet Archive Wayback Machine targets.

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