Obscure Projects

The Obscure Organization supports a variety of non-commercial art, music, education, charity, and research projects. We provide web hosting and technical support services for these projects, and help connect people who want to lend a hand. Here is the official list of supported Obscure projects:

Arlington Heights Community Association

The informal neighborhood association serving the area where Obscure lives.

Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch

A set of lesson plans for a class called "Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch", intended to teach elementary school children programming, design, and math in an accessible and engaging way.

The Charles Bukowski Memorial Center
For Classical Latin Studies

Ever wondered what modern people have in common with the ancient Romans? Visit these pages, and you'll see how the gutter looked much the same then and now.

The JavaScript Mailing List

Perhaps the first Internet mailing list dedicated to JavaScript, founded in December 1995.

The Low-Bandwidth Low-Cost
Networking Research Institute

This project shows you how to squeeze more performance out of low-cost networking links.

The USENET Physics FAQ (a mirror)

Obscure mirrors the list of Frequently Asked Questions about physics. Obscure user Amarendra Godbole maintains these pages.