The Low Bandwidth-Low Cost Networking Research Institute

Once upon a time, back in 1995, The Obscure Organization ran off a single 28.8kbps modem connected via full-time SLIP to the Internet. As of late 2007, we have a fiber optic connection to the Internet that uploads 17 times as fast and downloads 104 times as fast. Not all of the tricks we used then are still relevant, but some are.

If you are wondering where people are coming from when they hit your web site, Webtrace may help answer the question in more detail than other log file analyzers can.
World Wide Web server tips
Running an http server on a 28.8kbps link? Does it suck? If so, read this.
Usenet News tips
Reading USENET news over a slow link can be very painful. Some tips are available to help people so afflicted.
Majordomo tips
Archives for busy mailing lists can grow too large to download comfortably in uncompressed form. A script to compress majordomo archives on a monthly basis addresses this problem.
The JavaScript Mailing List
The Obscure Organization once sponsored a JavaScript mailing list. It grew too large for our resources, but the skeletal home page remains...