verba cloacae

Please note that the Romans thought about sex somewhat differently than modern people do. The Romans thought that taking the woman's role in sex was degrading. They thought of the woman's role as that of a passive, receptive sex partner. Being the one on the penetrating end of oral or anal sex was seen as OK, regardless of the gender of the other partner. Many of these terms reflect that perception.

caco, cacare, cacavi, cacatum 1
to shit, or to shit upon
cinaedus -i, m.
pervert, as adj, shameless, one who submits to oral sex.
coleus -i, m.
scrotum, Form of culleus, leather sack.
cunnus -i, m.
female genitalia, in a coarse sense, cunt.
culum -i, n.
ass, buttocks or anus in a coarse sense.
culpa -ae, f.
female genitalia, in a shameful sense, cunt.
irrumo, irrumare, irrumavi, irrumatum 1
to force someone to perform receptive male oral sex, seen as especially degrading by the Romans.
irrumator -oris, m.
bastard, literally face fucker.
futuo, futuere, futui, fututum 3
to have sexual intercourse with, to fuck, specifically referring to vaginal sex.
landica, landicae, f.
lupanar -aris f.
mentula, -ae f.
literally, prick, often used in the sense of the modern English insult dickhead.
mingo, mingere, minxi, mictum 3
to piss
moecha -ae f.
adulteress, tart , slut.
pathicus, -i m.
sodomite, one who submits to anal sex.
pedico, pedicare, pedicavi, pedicatum m.
to butt fuck, to perform anal intercourse.
peniculus, -i m.
diminutive of penis, literally brush, as in a painter's brush.
pedicator, -oris, m.
butt fucker.
scortum -i, n.
whore. Catullus uses the diminutive of this, scortillum, to mean wench.
sopio, -onis m.
vomer -eris, m.
penis, literally plowshare.
verpa -ae, f.
penis with retracted foreskin, colloquially hard on. How odd that this is a feminine noun.

The Charles Bukowski Center for Classical Latin Studies by Richard Bullington-McGuire is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International