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Re: Re[2]: Printing from JS

At 07:57 PM 3/22/96 -0800, you wrote:

>sure, a dialog would prevent a user from saving unwanted files. But the 
>problem is a user may be convinced by the Web page author into thinking 
>this is safe, and BAM!!! instant virus on your disk. A virus could be in 
>a Java Applet or anything else. Hey, if people can send Viruses through 
>E-Mail (remember the "Good Times" E-Mail virus?), someone will surely 
>find a way to make one with Java Applets or JavaScript.

I really hate to tell ya, but the Good Times Virus was one of the biggest
Internet Hoaxes ever! You CAN NOT get a Virus thru e-mail, nor by saving a
HTML Source to your disk.

Alex Kremer
"God made my body and if it is dirty,
then the imperfection lies with the Manufacturer,
not the product." - Lenny Bruce

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