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SELECT values

O.K. guys, this is probably a stupid question but I just can't get the following 
script to work. I've checked the 411 FAQ, and the %$@ official documentation.
All I want to do is return the value selected in the OPTION list in the alert window.

By the way, I spent a good amount of time on 411. It is a very nice FAQ, good work 
Andy. I have a couple suggestions but I'll post them seperately.

Obviously, I have stripped out the extraneous stuff:

        function newtopic() {
                alert("Selected SubTopicID="+document.SubTopicID.value)<<I've tried 
				every syntax I can think of with .value, 

<FORM NAME="listform">
                <OPTION>Disk Drives
                <OPTION>SCSI Controllers
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Reload" onClick="newtopic()">

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Chris Moses
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