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Re: Chat room

>Does anyone know how to create a chat room in javascript?

i don't think you can create a chat room in javascript without having a cgi
running on the server. Remember that the promise of javascript is beeing
able to create special scripts on the CLIENT side.

        Since a chat room requires many people going through a server at a
paticular site, it would require some sort of CGI script running on the
server that would address all the people in the chat room. Use of javascript
however would add a lot of "punch" to the client side of the chat room.

Examples: frames, windows, using TIMEOUT to get messages dynamically etc...

So if you're good in Javascript and CGI programming, you may be able to pull
it off.

PS: I'm currently designing something similar to a chat room in both
javascript and cgi for one of my customers. so maybe in a couple of months,
i could make a chat room package available to the public. It would include a
CGI program in PERL and the appropriate HTML and JAVASCRIPT files for proper
client side use. Just be advised that i am working on it!!!

Christian Lanctot
e-mail: kristian@generation.net
Web   : http://www.generation.net/~kristian/

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