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[ADMIN] 3/14 List Update

As of early this week we have over 1000 subscribers to
this list, with no major proxy redistribution.  As one
might guess, this is putting quite a strain on the mail
system.  To add to the fun, we've been having a lot of
problems with people using the "subscribe javascript
[other-email-address]" method to subscribe to the list
incorrectly.  Accordingly, we're instituting some new
changes with the list.

1.  We won't be approving the "subscribe javascript
    foo@bar.com" messages by default any more.  We'll
    be accepting unsubscribes in that form, and if
    someone sends us mail describing their situation
    and why we should handle it, we'll consider it,
    but as a default, you must subscribe from the
    address you send/receive at.

2.  To cut down on people sending "subscribe" messages
    to the list, and to avoid list spamming, we're turning
    off posting from non-subscribers.  This means that if
    you are subscribed from an address other than the one
    you send from, you need to re-subscribe (and unsub the
    old address) to be able to post.  We'll be testing this
    policy out for a little while, and may reverse our
    decision if it's more pain than good.  In the meantime,
    we've turned on majordomo domain munging in the hope
    that it will make things somewhat easier.

We hope that these changes do not make things too
inconvenient for most users, and would love to hear
any feedback, suggestions, questions, etc... from
the list management.

Thanks for being with us,
-wearing his JavaScript list admin hat

Faisal Jawdat - faisal@tgm.com - http://www.tgm.com/~faisal/
Internet Business Specialist - TeleGlobal Media - http://www.tgm.com/

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