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Re: JavaScript and tables

hello all

I finally got my graphic javascript tic tac toe up and running.  coming 
rip it apart please.  i had to do stuff in the code that i do not think 
should need to be done.  all the pertinent code is in the frame document 
called index.html -- their is a little trivial stuff in head.html if you 
want to look at everything.  the stuff that seems unnecessary to me is, 
when you click on a square i have this happen

setTimeout to call the real function
figure everything out
open and close a stream of type "text/plain" to clear the doc
open, write to, and close a standard html stream

if i do not use setTimeout, and if i do not open and close the plain 
data stream before writing my next board, the board is appended under 
the current board.  i have a background viewer that does the same thing 
-- generating output to one frame -- but it does not need the extra 
stuff to write.  the pertinent difference is that the tic tac toe game 
writes to the frame that the click occured in.  doing this seems to 
change the behavior of netscape.  clicking on the word tic tac toe in 
the title frame starts a new game, and it worked correctly before i had 
the extra writing calls.  the setTimeout disconnects the call from the 
active frame and the plain data stream clears the data that doc.clear() 
does not.  these kludges should, IMHO, be worked out.

tic tac toe: http://hero.com:80/~eric/ttt/index.html
backgrounds: http://hero.com:80/~eric/bg/index.html

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