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Re: If NetScape 2.01 can disable JavaScript...

aancheta@mnl.mnl.sequel.net wrote:

>  I'd be glad to know if there is. I need that sort of a message to tell
> the user to enable JavaScript, in case he disabled it, to get the full
> benefits of the JavaScript-enhanced Web Page.

You can acheive that effect by putting in some javascript which sets the window.location to your 
*real* page. Then after the javascript, write some regular HTML which says something to the effect 
that "You need a Javascript capable browser to see these pages".

If the browser supports JavaScript (and it's enabled) it will jump to the real page. Otherwise, if 
the browser does not support Javascript, or it is disabled, then the rest of the HTML will be 
loaded informing the user of the Javascript requirement.

Good Luck!

-- Robert 

Robert Thuleen
Sr. Software Engineer
Science Applications International Corp (SAIC)
San Diego, Ca

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