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Re: If NetScape 2.01 can disable JavaScript...

>Frank Hecker wrote:
>> aancheta@mnl.mnl.sequel.net wrote:
>> > If there's an option to disable JavaScript in NetScape 2.01
>> > then what else is JavaScript for?[..]
>> The option to disable JavaScript was put in specifically for people
>> concerned about possible security vulnerabilities exposed by the use of
>> JavaScript (like the ones fixed in 2.01).  The idea is that these [..]
>i'm just curious if there's some sort of pop up box that appears when 
>someone who has disabled java and / or javascript comes across a site 
>that employs java and / or javascript? what i have in mind is similar to 
>the pop up box that appears when you enter / leave a secure document.

 I'd be glad to know if there is. I need that sort of a message to tell
the user to enable JavaScript, in case he disabled it, to get the full
benefits of the JavaScript-enhanced Web Page.

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