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Re: Opening new resized netscape window

alan herrick wrote:
> OK so I have figured out how to get a new window to open automatically.
> The html document with the script in it is titled test1.html.  i am trying
> to get a new window to open with the test2.html document in it.  The window
> opens but the test2.html information is not in it ....jut sa big empty box.
> Any suggestions.  Also, what do i need in this script too make the prior
> window close nehind this one.
> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
> <!--
> window.open
> ("test2.html","Test2Window","toolbar=no,width=800,height=600,directories=no,
> status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resize=yes,menubar=no");
> //-->
> any help would be greatly appreciated

first of all, of have to give a name to your window before hand

ex: window1=window.open("url","name1",["features"])

I used this in my own page. what i did is a self.close() just after i 
opened a new window to close the windows i was in.

Try it out: go to my web site at http://www.generation.net/~kristian

let the Netscape message go through (1 second timeout) then i my Jump 
point, click on the Christian's image and go to my page. Then click the 
HELP button in the bottom toolbar (it's labeled ?). You're now in my help 
system. Now, you'll notice my nifty help system. And at the top left 
corner a window with constantly changing images (like the doom 
character). If for example you click the doom character, you'll jump to 
id Software's home page. when this happens, it generates a new browser 
window and close the Help system's window. So after going to id's page, 
you close that window and voila! you're back at my page.

It's a good example on using frames and windows, try it out!


Christian Lanctot
e-mail: kristian@generation.net
Web   : http://www.generation.net/~kristian/
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