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Re: Writing into frames ...

Nils Decker wrote:
> I have a problem : My university restricts my homepage to exactly one
> file :-(. I want to make a homepage with multiple frames. I got the idea,
> that I create the frames with JavaScript and then let a script fill the
> content into the frames.
> I have the following problems :
> I wasn't able to call a function in the onLoad statement of the <FRAME
> tag ( the tag doesn't contain a SRC part. The function is never called.
> If I places the init function into a function that is loaded in the
> onLoad of FRAMESET, then I wasn't able to write anything into the frames.
> I might have used the wrong object ( he always says, that the object has
> no Methods. )

	If I understand you correctly, you are having a similar problem I 
had. Here's how I solved it:

	<frameset cols="50%,50%">
		<frame src="/cgi-bin/cigprog.exe?name=mike&page=home" 
		<frame src="/cgi-bin/cigprog.exe?name=mike&page=second" 

	What I'm getting at is, use your script with the "GET" method by 
specifying your CGI variables right in the URL in the following format:

	[cgi program location] + "?" + [ampersand (&) delimited variable 

This allows you to fill any number of frames because it looks just like a URL 
to the browser. (For good reason: it IS a URL.)  Anywhere you can specify a 
source URL in the frames definition page, you can use this GET method.

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