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Re: auto java script

Larry Bloom wrote:
> I am working on a javascript that will check to see if they have
> netscape 2.0 and go to a pictular page if they do. Can't seem to get it
> to work can anone help on this...
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> Larry Bloom                     Voice (810) 644-5153
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> Birmingham, MI 48009            email: lbloom@software-magic.com
> --------------------------------------------------------------------Well you should try to work with the NAVIGATOR propreties.

Ex: navigator is an javascript object

and navigator propreties are: appCodeName,appName,appVersion and 

so for example you could use:

navigator.appCodeName = "Mozilla" (wich is Netscape)
navigator.appName = "Netscape"
navigator.appVersion = "2.0 (Win16, I)"
	2.0 is version number
	Win16 is Windows 3.1 version
	I stands for international version
navigator.userAgent = "Mozilla/2.0 (Win16; I)"

so you could incorporate something like this in a if .. else condition to 
reject any further use of javascript if the incorrect version is used.

	if (navigator.userAgent ! "Mozilla/2.0 (Win16; I)"){
		document.write("sorry, this page works only with Netscape 
2.0 for Windows 3.1);

or something like that. take a look at the Javascript docs at Netscape 
for more info on the NAVIGATOR object.

Christian Lanctot
e-mail: kristian@generation.net
Web   : http://www.generation.net/~kristian/
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