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Applets vs.Scripts (was RE: Macintosh)

At 01:16 PM 3/21/96 -0600, Timothy Lewis wrote:
>Perhaps this is where I'm getting a little confused... just what is the 
>difference between the java applets that have to be compiled 
>beforehand... and the javascript that is in the HTML?  Wouldn't they both 
>in the end have the same results, with just a few minor detailed 
>changes?  Either way... what differences are there in the end?
>I was under the assumption that they would be the same... oh well... 
>guess that's what i get for assuming. :)  Any info on this would be more 
>than appreciative.

Java Applets and JavaScript are two entirely different languages.  For more
info on Java look to http://java.sun.com.  It is more fore developing full
applications that can be embedded within a web page, where as JavaScript is
a tool that can manipulate the page itself an the objects in it.

For a brief paper on this topic try
http://www.freqgrafx.com/411/differences.html, although it may not be in
depth enough for you.

-Andy Augustine
JavaScript 411 -- http://www.freqgrafx.com/411/

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