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Re: Macintosch

With 2.01 Win95 I scan play the game once.  When I click New Game, the
cursor gets stuck in a square and clicking in another square does nothing.
If I reload the game it's okay.  I tried various hacks in the game reset
function (bluring, setting focus, etc.), but nothing worked.  Finally I
tried the crow-bar technique of:

function new_game( the_form ) {

and it worked.  Functional, not pretty.

-- Gordon

At 09:00 PM 3/21/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello All
>A while ago i wrote a tic tac toe game.  it works fine for me locally 
>and on a server.  i am using a mac.  no one who meets it in windows 
>seems to have the total success with it that i have from a mac.  for 
>some it did not work at all, for some the first game worked, i do not 
>know all the results.  it is a very trivial game, and i was surprised it 
>did not work for others.
>it is online at:
>you are 'X' and javascript is 'J'
>this is an older version, i have made a lot of changes that this one 
>does not have, but it is still totally stable for me.  please look at 
>the code and see why it does no work for you.
-- Gordon

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