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Re: Writing into frames ...

David Weingart wrote:
> Andre v.d Merwe wrote:
> > 1)It seems like you need a SRC tag, so use SRC = "#". That should
> > load the main page. This is not ideal since it causes unessasary
> > stuff to be downloaded :( But what else can you do??
> > If you dont have a SRC tag then the frame has no properties..
> Instead of SRC="#", couldn't you use SRC="javascript:function()"
> That would eliminate the reload problem wouldn't it? I haven't tried
> it, so I'm not positive this would work, but I think it would be worth
> a try.

That's an interesting question. I have used 
SRC="javascript:myfunction()" and it seemed to work - until the last 
time I tried it. The last time NS thought it was a conditional 
expression and tried, to no end, to evaluate it. Anybody else ever 
heard of this?
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