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Re: Writing into frames ...

>My university restricts my homepage to exactly one file 

Sounds like a school mentality, very stupid!!
But I like your idea, so I tryed it and it works! WOW I love 

Bellow is the test file that I created, try it it should work. 
Just a few notes....

1)It seems like you need a SRC tag, so use SRC = "#". That should 
load the main page. This is not ideal since it causes unessasary 
stuff to be downloaded :( But what else can you do??
If you dont have a SRC tag then the frame has no properties..

2)Frame sync, you must make sure that the frames exist before you 
write to them. But this is extreemly easy with your 1 page method. 
See my DoFrames( ) function.

3)Reloads- This might be a problem,  when you reload then the SRC="#" 
is loaded and the DoFrames( ) is not called. I dont know if there is 
a way to fix this?

<TITLE>Single page frames</TITLE>


function DoFrames( )
   if(  self.TitleFrame == null  ||  self.IndexFrame == null )
      setTimeout(  "DoFrames( )",  500  );

   LoadTitleFrame( );
   LoadIndexFrame( );

function LoadTitleFrame( )
   self.TitleFrame.document.open( );
   self.TitleFrame.document.write(  "<font size=6>This is the index</font>"  ); 
   self.TitleFrame.document.close( );

function LoadIndexFrame( )
   self.IndexFrame.document.open( );
   self.IndexFrame.document.write(  "<body bgcolor=\"#000000\" text=\"#ffffff\">"  ); 
   self.IndexFrame.document.write(  "<strong>test</strong><br>"  ); 
   self.IndexFrame.document.write( "This works"  ); 
   self.IndexFrame.document.close( );


<FRAMESET ROWS="55,*" onLoad="DoFrames()">
   <FRAME SRC="#"

   <FRAME SRC="#" 


<a href="http://www.netscape.com";>
   These pages use frames and make use quite a bit of JavaScript.<br> So
   you need to get Netscape 2.0 or later!!! 



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