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Re: Macintosch

Summer Bundy wrote:
> Just to note, i have scripts that work as they are supposed to on
> mac-javascript, but they seem to cause problems for other users.
> netscape has just been unable to make things act the same on different
> platforms.  is netscape 2.01 a beta version -- i thought it was a
> release version.

2.01 is a released version, as was 2.0.  However that doesn't mean that 
it doesn't have some JavaScript-related bugs and cross-platform 
inconsistencies, unfortunately.  The target is to address those in the 
next Netscape Navigator release (code-named "Atlas"); first beta for 
that release is not too awfully far off, with subsequent betas to 
follow after the first.


Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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