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Re: Macintosch

> >>         Does anyone know why my Javascripts work with windows and not with
> >> the Mac?
> >
> >Please correct me if I am wrong here, but the last I heard was that there
> >was not a Java interpreter for Mac yet, and thus... Netscape 2.0 for Mac
> >wouldn't be able to handle this.  I don't know if this is still the case,
> >nor can I even remember where I heard this information, so for now... it
> >is nothing more than hear-say.
> First of all, he's talking about JavaScript, not Java.
> JavaScript has been in Netscape from way back... As to
> *Java*, the Mac version is in beta.
Perhaps this is where I'm getting a little confused... just what is the 
difference between the java applets that have to be compiled 
beforehand... and the javascript that is in the HTML?  Wouldn't they both 
in the end have the same results, with just a few minor detailed 
changes?  Either way... what differences are there in the end?

I was under the assumption that they would be the same... oh well... 
guess that's what i get for assuming. :)  Any info on this would be more 
than appreciative.

Timothy Lewis
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