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Re: Printing from JS

On Mar 20,  1:49pm, Ernie Oporto wrote:

> > It is my understanding that NS considers any access to com ports
> > a security violation, and thus is not allowed.
> I would figure that since Netscape itself can print, it should be
> assumed that much access to a com port is trusted, so just passing the
> info to Netscape for *it* to handle the printing, rather than direct
> com port access to the script, should be trusted.
> > If you can print at all, don't count on being able to do so in
> > the future.
> >
> > Chris Moses
> No ability to print so far. =(

Oh boy, I can hardly wait to hit some JS spammer's site that causes my printer
to spit out 100 pages of "MY BOSS SUCKS EGGS" in 64 point type . . .

No, I don't think JS needs to access my printer, thanks.  If a user wants to
print something, she can choose "Print Frame" from the File menu, thank you
very much.


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