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Re: Indexing/Searching Web Pages

>I remember you guys at WebInnovation.  You had the rudest salesperson at the
>show.  The asian girl.

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I wanted to double-check things.  We
did have a booth at WebInnovation; we only have one Asian woman in sales (a
manager, actually), but she wasn't at the show.  In fact, she hadn't even
started working for us at the time.  Susan Hunt, our trade show manager,
was in the booth only on the first day, but you wouldn't have mistaken her
as Asian, nor would she behave like that.  I've never heard of anyone with
our company behaving like that; we're only about 190 people, so I know most

If I were really paranoid, I'd wonder if one of our competitors went in our
booth while Susan was away... ;-)


Nick Arnett
Internet Marketing Manager
Verity Inc.
(send personal replies to narnett@verity.com)

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