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Re: JavaScript Digest V001 #86

>Hi to all
>Want I to know like does you become to animate gif with Java of the images.
>Anybody I from a hand?
>I have it thank much.

Teo, you can't change the content of a downloaded page in the current 
version of Javascript. It sould be doable in a next release though.

But you don't need JavaScript or Java to animate a gif: animation is part 
of the GIF89a file format. You might want to take a look a 
http://member.aol.com/royalef/gifanim.htm for details and a list of tools 
that build such animations. 

If you have access to a Mac, I use Yves Piguet excellent GifBuilder for 
my animations, see http://iawww.epfl.ch/Staff/Yves.Piguet/clip2gif-home/

Francois Belanger
TSOL inc.

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