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Re: Indexing/Searching Web Pages

>I have an excuse.  Will verity index a site that makes extensive use of
>frames?  nope. it fails at the first FRAMESET tag and doesn't pick up
>again until the end one.

Good excuse!  I'm not surprised that the current version of the robot
doesn't catch the links.  This was the first sort of tag in which the robot
*should* follow the SRC info, so it wasn't an issue until recently
(recently in terms of product cycles, that is).

I'll yell as loudly as any customer for the fix.  I want to be able to
search through JavaScript source files for interesting code examples, if
nothing else.  More when I know more.

When you say it fails, do you mean it doesn't index the frame source
documents, or something more?

What's the URL for your site?  It would probably be a good one for us to
test this feature as it is developed.

By the way, one of the problems is that a search results list would
normally show the URL of the page in which the text is found.  With
FRAMESETs and JavaScript, that could result in some ugly error messages and
confusion.  It's going to be a bit of work to ensure that we also capture
the "parent" frame of each source page, so that we can list the parent in
the results list.  And that'll break our highlighting mechanism... and so
forth.  Fix one thing, break another....

By the way, I've greatly improved my JavaScript search page example.  One
caution -- I'm still working on the history list and how it copies arrays.
Clicking on it right now (Monday night) will crash most browsers.  Should
have it fixed shortly.



Nick Arnett
Internet Marketing Manager
Verity Inc.
(send personal replies to narnett@verity.com)

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