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Frame/Script Problem

As a newcomer to Javascript, I am hoping someone can help me with the
following problem:

I have a web page with three frames; two of the frames ("f2" and "f3") refer
to the same web document, which contains a form. "f2" displays the submit
button, as well as some other information. When I click on the submit button
in "f2", the form info in "f3" is run through a JS validation routine to
check that all mandatory values have been filled in; if a field has not been
filled in, focus is set back to the empty field.

The problem is: How do I get the third frame "f3" to set focus to the empty
field? Depending on what I try, the second frame "f2" sets focus to the
empty field, or I get a JS error saying the field has no properties.

Any assistance would be most appreciated!

-John Meadows

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