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Launching windows

This has been covered so many times I'm embarassed to bring it up
again, but every time I think I know the answer I hear something to
the contrary again... how exactly should one launch (open) a new window
with a given URL and a given size, to make it as reliable as possible
on all platforms?

I know there's a bug in the Macintosh Mozilla 2.0 browser that means
that you need to call window.open() twice to get it to work. This is
what I do when launching my image map based Javascript calculator
(http://www.parallax.co.uk/~rolf/Calculator/) and it works fine on
2.0 for both the Macintosh and for Windows. On two other platforms,
however (2.01 for the Macintosh PPC, 2.0 for X11) the same code seems
to come up with a blank window. Any suggestions as to what I should
be doing?


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