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Re: Auto-mail on page-load / tracking source-URLs

Gerald H.E. Maier wrote:
> Has anyone an idea how to send an automatic mail to my
> e-mail-address, when a user opens my homepage?
> The main idea is to keep track of the original URL where the
> visitor comes from, which as far as I could find out till now
> can be done with:
>         document.referrer
> But I still need this information to somehow forwarded to me,
> this is why I'm thinking of e-mailing myself.
> ==============================================
> If tracking of the source-URL is something not appreciated on
> the net, please inform me as well. I will stop thinking about
> it.
> ==============================================
> PS.: If someone has a totally different approach - any
> information is appreciated!

A couple of questions and comments:
1. Many servers will log the document referer. This makes it very easy to 
integrate referrer analysis with your overall traffic analysis. Unless I 
misunderstand what you are trying to do, I think this would be an easier 
2. Its my understanding that not all browsers support sending the referer 
as part of the request, in fact I'm not sure NS does.
3. Assuming NS does not send it, then #1 is pretty worthless given NS's 
market share. In this case, I can't think of any way to do it in JS but I 
think it should be possible in Java.

If you, or anybody, else comes up with something please let me know
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