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Re: Auto-mail on page-load / tracking source-URLs

You could have done this before Nav 2.01 came out, but they stripped the
submit() function for forms that have 'POST' and 'mailto:' attributes.

Have you considered using a PERL script to do this.  You can still use:

<BODY onLoad="myForm.submit()">
<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="myscript.cgi">

to send the document.referrer info to yourself, but it won't include the
users pre-set email.

If you REALLY REALLY want to you can still have the information get to you
by having the user simply click a button on your home page like this:

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="mailto:foo@bar.com";>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Check the weather">

and have this button trick the user into sending their e-mail address.
I've already done this, although I DO NOT recommend it.  See and example at:


-Andy Augustine
JavaScript 411 -- http://www.freqgrafx.com/411/

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