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Re: [ADMIN] 3/14 List Update

Lance D. Braud wrote:
> The only problem I have with that is that we get Netscape
> Announcements on JavaScript here even though the people at the Big N
> don't subscribe to this group.  If they cannot post these messages
> without being subscibed, I think alot of people would miss them.  Just
> my .02

I am in fact subscribed to the JavaScript mailing list, and I am glad to 
forward Netscape JavaScript-related announcements (like the one 
yesterday on 2.01) when appropriate.  I personally have no objection to 
a "must subscribe to post" policy (in fact, it matches my personal 
notions re proper netiquette), as long as the technical implementation 
of the policy works properly.


Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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