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Claudio Gaetani wrote:

> I know this is not a "monitor setting" list but I'm discussing now about
> which document width We can use to create the Web pages.
> To me this is important I want to avaluate all your answers and take more
> of less and standard width for web pages based on th most used minitors and
> resolutions.
> Thank you all in advance again.
> Read You ALL and...

On a related note, I've written a little package which combines java, cgi, and
javascript to open browser windows in sizes relative to the client's monitor
size.  It's still a little buggy and the documentation isn't complete but it
allows you to compose for a certain browser aspect ratio (shape) without
restricting you to the lowest common denominator (640x480). Info on this can be
found at:


I found that when creating pages using tables and frames, I can create
compositions that still look good when the window is scaled up to fit a larger
monitor or down to fit a smaller one.

				-- Athomas


Athomas Goldberg			
Associate Research Scientist

New York Univerity
Media Research Lab			ph: (212) 998-3469
715-719 Broadway rm 1227		fx: (212) 995-4122
New York NY 10003			

Email: athomas@mrl.nyu.edu	
WWW: http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/athomas

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