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Re: Memory limits.

I've heard of this 40K limit myself, but it was during beta and as I hadn't
heard anything since I thought the problem might be gone.  Sadly, it doesn't
appear to be that way.  At least the <FRAME> trick works.  What happens if
you break up the code into separate <SCRIPT> tags?

-- Gordon

At 11:25 PM 3/13/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a curious problem. I am developing a new site which makes 
>extensive use of JavaScript. So much so that I have one frame with 
>40K of JavaScript in it. And this is where my problem lies.
>When I load the page containing the 40K frame in NT there are no 
>problems. When I load the same page in Win 3.11, however, I get 
>syntax errors where I know there are none.
>It appears that not all of the code is being loaded by Navigator. 
>Breaking up the code and placing it in two frames confirmed my 
>suspicions. All of the code loaded with no syntax errors. It seems 
>that Navigator can only handle a certain amount of code per page. 
>I did a word count and it seems to fall over at about 27,000 
>Can anyone confirm this for me? Is what I think is happening what 
>is really happening? What is the exact limit? How can I change it?  
>What is the limit based on? Does it change from platform to 
>platform? Is there any other way around it other than using more 
-- Gordon

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