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Re: document.location problem

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Gordon McComb wrote:

> >
> >Crashed hard on a 040 Mac...twice. But, I had repeated success with 
> >the following in getNext():
> >
> >parent.frames[1].location.assign(parent.frames[1].document.links[--i].href);
> Assign, eh?  Very interesting.  Glad it works. 
> -- Gordon

Well, on closer inspection, it works...and it doesn't work.
It seems to always work for me on a 68040...on the first try.
If the target page is in the cache, you have a greater chance
of bombing out of Netscape on subsequent clicks...5th click is
a charm :) (on the bright side, it is not really a locking bomb,
just an "unexpected quit", type 1 :?)

For that matter, the following other methods had the same relative success
for me:
       var i=parent.frames[1].document.links.length;
       var refstr="";
       //just to make the typecasting explicit:



       var refstr=""

So, go figure.

If you expire the link immediately, in the options menu, the assign()
seems to work, and work. Perhaps the others will too...

Regarding to assign() or not to assign(), I did not catch a reference
by Mr. Eich about it; more to the point, I guess, I do not know
the name. Regardless, I would not have recommended using assign 
had I known Netscape (assume Eich=Netscape) discouraged it.

Who is he? Is he among us? ... if we build a really nice script, will
he come? :)


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