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Re: Memory limits.

Moot issue.  "Joe AOL" now gets Internet Explorer 3.0. <sad g>

-- Gordon

At 08:59 AM 3/13/96 -0500, you wrote:
>BTW: The fact that some people can run their banners (seemingly)
>indefinately on their Win95 machines with 24MB of RAM is no suprise.  It's
>Joe Average that loads a page with a few Java Applets and a poorly written
>scrollbar that is sacraficied to the memory Gods.  Lets try and remember
>that were at the forefront of technology and can't Joe AOL to be *anywhere*
>near us.  To address the Monitor Poll that's been taken, I think it would be
>smartest to assume 640x800 with 256 colors.  
-- Gordon

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