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Memory limits.

*If* there is a limit, which I'm sure there is, it would be platform
specific since the JavaScript engine runs differently on each OS.  Note also
that the frames themselves are have terrible memory management in 2.0.
Windows NT handles memory problems *much* better than Win3.x, and thus the
problem you're seeing.  I remember a post in the Netscape Developers group
that had something to do with size of code.  I'll look it up and get back to

-Andy Augustine

BTW: The fact that some people can run their banners (seemingly)
indefinately on their Win95 machines with 24MB of RAM is no suprise.  It's
Joe Average that loads a page with a few Java Applets and a poorly written
scrollbar that is sacraficied to the memory Gods.  Lets try and remember
that were at the forefront of technology and can't Joe AOL to be *anywhere*
near us.  To address the Monitor Poll that's been taken, I think it would be
smartest to assume 640x800 with 256 colors.  

At 11:25 PM 3/13/96 +1000, Clayton Drury wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a curious problem. I am developing a new site which makes 
>extensive use of JavaScript. So much so that I have one frame with 
>40K of JavaScript in it. And this is where my problem lies.
>When I load the page containing the 40K frame in NT there are no 
>problems. When I load the same page in Win 3.11, however, I get 
>syntax errors where I know there are none.
>It appears that not all of the code is being loaded by Navigator. 
>Breaking up the code and placing it in two frames confirmed my 
>suspicions. All of the code loaded with no syntax errors. It seems 
>that Navigator can only handle a certain amount of code per page. 
>I did a word count and it seems to fall over at about 27,000 
>Can anyone confirm this for me? Is what I think is happening what 
>is really happening? What is the exact limit? How can I change it?  
>What is the limit based on? Does it change from platform to 
>platform? Is there any other way around it other than using more 
>Thanks in advance,
>Clayton Drury
>New Logic.

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